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BehaviorSync was founded by a team of enthusiastic neuroscientists and engineers committed to harnessing cutting-edge innovations to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries in behavioral neuroscience and accelerate preclinical studies.


We excel in utilizing Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for logging and integrating intricate measurements of animal’s behavior and brain activities.


Our products are meticulously customized and highly modulable, giving you the precise tools needed to innovate and excel in your scientific pursuits.


Our dedication lies in providing you with a high-quality solution that delivers top-notch performance while remaining accessible to all.


Select a product and tell us your desired modifications.


Featured systems for building your custom behavior apparatus.


Please select Plan A or B to build your behavior apparatus.

A. Modify a product

1. Select a product
2. Share your desired modifications

B. Design from scratch

1. Tell us about your assay
2. Discuss the designs with us

Build, test, and run!

3. We'll build and test a prototype
4. Run your experiments

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