Programmable Heating System

ThermoEZ (Item #90003) is a versatile heating system that can be installed in your customized behavioral apparatus.


  • Versatility - Customizable temperature ramp protocols allow users to store up to 8 heating protocols, each consisting of a maximum of 32 steps.
  • Swift Temperature Control - Capable of ascending the internal cabinet temperature to 60°C in just 2 minutes and rapidly cooling back to room temperature within the same timeframe.
  • Digital Display - Provides real-time indications of both the inside-cabinet temperature and the set temperatures.
  • Components - Equipped with single/dual electric fan heaters, each with a 240W heating element.


Explore the applications of the ThermoEZ chamber in various research areas, including hyperthermia-induced Febrile Seizures, the study of physiological and behavioral mechanisms of thermoregulation, Hyperthermia cancer therapy, metabolic phenotyping, and post-operative recovery.