Data Logger Video Recording

DELTAlog (Item #90001)stands out as the most suitable integrated video recording system for behavioral neuroscience research, reliably fulfilling the need to record image data together with external measurement parameters from diverse resources. It supports the connection of up to three high-resolution cameras, facilitating Full HD recording reaching up to 130 frames per second. 

Digital RAW/uncompressed videos from the cameras are transmitted to the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) embedded system board, where image data is seamlessly merged and encoded with other measurement parameters, which can include the animal's brain activities, behavioral responses, reward delivery as well as external sensor data such as temperature, force, and location. It offers users a synchronized neuroscience data set, which eliminates tedious offline image and data alignment.


  • Autonomously working data logger – Storing image data with merged external measurements
  • Synchronization – Shared time base across all measurement channels for simultaneous recording of image and measurement data in the data logger. 
  • Precision – Customizable timestamp choices, ranging from six milliseconds, three milliseconds, to microseconds.
  • Analysis – Integrated interface enables analysis of the measurement data.
  • Storage – Raw Video data is stored in the standard AVI format.
  • Control User-friendly customized interface.


Explore how DELTAlog is employed in the Talos behavioral apparatus, an integrated platform designed for automated training and analysis of animals' behavior in decision-making tasks.