Automatic Sliding Door with Detection Sensor

The versatile SMARTGate system (Item #90002) offers adaptable automatic doors that can be seamlessly incorporated into customized configurations tailored for spatial learning and memory studies in mice, rats, or insects.


  • Control modes – Manual control, state machine trigger via TTL, PC-driven through USB, or automatic animal activation via the built-in detection sensor, which detects the animal’s approaching and open/close the door automatically.
  • High sensitivity – Specifically designed specifically for rodent and insect animal models including mice, rats, flies, and honeybees etc. 
  • Versatile sliding directions – doors can slide either vertically or horizontally. Horizontal sliding or sliding underneath the floor is compatible with tethered rodents and provides an unobstructed view for optimal video tracking.
  • Data logging – Timepoints of door opening and closing can be transferred to a PC via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Smooth and silent operation – Minimizes distraction and stress levels for animals during operation.
  • Material – Constructed from high-quality non-reflective acrylic and connection flange, offering sturdiness, durability, and easy attachment/detachment.
  • Size – Customizable, with recommended dimensions: 2.75-inch diameter for mice, 3.25-inch diameter for rats, and 0.39-inch diameter for bees.
  • Power – 9VDC or battery operation.


Memory experiments, spontaneous exploratory behavior, reward-based navigation.